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 It's that time again for me to get on a soapbox and preach.  You get what you pay for when it comes to wedding vendors (and honestly pretty much everything in the real world.)  

It's too good to be true (or good) when a photographer sends you a proposal and says they will give you 8 hours, an album, a disk, their first born, and the rights to their land for less than 1200.00.

I have one client this past weekend that went to a bridal show.  And don't even get me started on that I think it was a joke of a bridal show once I saw the vendors on the list.  But, she won a gift certificate for photography.  Which let me educate all of you on what it really means when you 'win' a service at a bridal show.

In the case of my client it was to help encourage her to book this photographer.  They gave her a few hundred dollars in a gift certificate.  I went to their site and not only were their photos dark, fuzzy, and for the most part just bad.......but let me just go ahead and say it.......all of their clients up to now have not been attractive.  Sorry.  It's true.  They saw my client who is tall, thin, blond and they want her for their photos on their website.  It's worth it to them to try and pretend they are 'giving' a special deal in an effort to build their site and to make their business seem by all appearances to be more successful than I am guessing it probably is.  And sorry but when you look at a photographers work you tend to like to look at wedding photos of brides that are pretty.  Be honest.  if you are a bride pull out your folder of photos for wedding planning ideas.  I bet every idea you have gathered has come from Martha Stewart, Grace Ormonde, and the like.  There is nothing in your folder from "Redneck Weddings" or "Trailer Park Weekly." 
I feel for the photographer to a point.  I know that people are struggling in business.  But, like I have always said......just because you own a camera does not make you a professional photographer.  I own a car.  It doesn't make me a race car driver.  I have a stove.  I'm not a cake baker.  I have a garden of flowers in the summer and I am definitely not a florist.  I get really mad when people try to open photography businesses that are not trained, educated or skilled.  I work with photographers all the time that didn't go to school to be a photographer.  But, they have skill.  They educate themselves by going to photography seminars.  Some people have the talent.  Some don't.  Do you know how you can tell if a photographer is really good?  They know other really good photographers.  They talk about them on their blogs, twitter accounts.  
I have looked at over 50 photography sites in the last few weeks and I will say for someone that has been in business for ten years in Colorado I think I know maybe 2% of the photographers now.  Or at least it seems like it. Not because I am so out of touch.  But, because there are so many people trying to get into the business.  
I think everyone knows I am really hard on photographers.  I just want my clients to have the best when it comes to that vendor on their wedding day.  Not everyone can afford to spend thousands upon thousands.  But, I do think that if it's the choice between favors, linens, and an invitation that is engraved or embossed even over photos........well we make changes.  You can live with white or cream linens.  You can do all your guests a favor by not giving them a favor to haul home in a suitcase at the end of the night.  Instead of thinking of some cute little idea think of yourself.  I know that sounds really rough to say.  But, think of yourself after the wedding and how long lasting a photo of your family and friends will last over a picture frame with a place card in it, or a bottle of wine with a personalized label. Sometimes favors do only run in the hundreds of dollars.  Again though a few hundred dollars can even go a long way in photography.  But, then again this is why you should have a planner/coordinator.  We know where your money should be spent.  
The same goes for a coordinator that gives 'free day of services" to a bride at a wedding show.  Let me tell you right now I would never let someone do my wedding day that is offering it for free.  Because I am pretty sure that coordinator is looking for a business builder.  If you are successful as a coordinator the only time you give your services away for free is for a charity.  None of us are in this business to work for free.  We want to make weddings pretty and we want to make a bride and grooms day flawless.  But, we are not going to come in for a day of and run the show and risk that the bride has picked balloon centerpieces and white tuxedos so that we can have our name associated with that hot mess.  
Do your research.  Do not go with the cheapest vendors.  It will never pan out.  Ask questions. Find out who knows them. Who has worked with them?   And listen to your gut.  That goes a lot further in planning than you would think. 

So y'all know I am an unwilling Bachelor fan.  I say every season as it ends Never Again.  My husband applauds since he gets suckered into watching with me usually too.  I have a really good husband.  We only have one television in our house because I am a big believer that you don't have t.v's in the bedroom.  I know this sounds odd.  Most people do have a television in their room.  I grew up with one.  So see this is why now I am against it.  That's how it works when you become an adult. 

But, when you have on tele in the house you end up watching only what you like some of the time.  I am the wife that tries to find shows we both can like.  My husband tends to go over to the History channel, Speedvision, and some science project channel.  I like to pick things for both of us.  You know shows on HGTV, Lifetime, or the occassional Bachelor or Bachelorette.  Sometimes even a Real Housewives episode from one of the cities.  I'm a great wife like that.

Anyway, when I heard it was Brad this season (again) I was ticked as you all know from previous posts.  But, then the first night of the Bachelor aired and of course one girl had me at hello.  Emily Maynard.  I love her!!!!  I loved her then.  Love her now.  I think everyone in America loves her.  How couldn't you?  I mean come on.  Sweet.  Cute.  Goregous.  So nice.  Caring.  She is who she is.  And she is from North Carolina (Holla!) 
I found this photo of Emily taken by this amazing photographer back in 08'  kristaleephotography.blogspot.com/2008/08/emily-maynard.html

And of course let me bring my Nash county out and say (or maybe that is North Carolina out) that she was in that Nascar family circuit and apparently she is rumored to have dated Dale Earnhardt jr. who is by the way my fave these days.  They would have been a very cute couple.  But, now I am hoping and praying that Brad is her lobster........forever. 

I think she's his lobster.  I said it that first night and I have felt like that since.  She is the greatest.

SO I have read the predictions on line for months SO DON"T READ FURTHER IF YOU DON"T WANT IT SPOILED FOR YOU

The prediction is that Chantal is the one he picks.  But, i don't know.  I just don't think he can pick her.  I am praying he is going to pick Emily!  Only two weeks to go and I swear I am going to think about this daily since I have no life I always have weddings on the brain.  I know the previews show him crying and hugging Emily.  But, I went back and looked at the clip over and over.  He is not in a suit.  It is not the final rose ceremony.  And he is definitely in my opinion nervous for the rose ceremony.  I think he is worried that Emily doesn't show up for him.  I think he picks her.  I guess I am going out on a limb with this theory.  But, for some reason I just feel like it is possible.  And he did say the word love to Emily.  Nobody else.  And he let Chantal eat worms last night and wouldn't eat one himself.  That is a good indicator.  He doesn't like her. Oh and if he did pick Chantal its not going to last.  He told her flat out he missed her family.  Uh huh.  Misses her family.  I.e. the best part of Chantal is her family.  And if you miss the family more not a good sign.  Plus, anyone else wanna guess that little miss executive assistant is assistant to her daddy?  I am pretty sure that is who she works for. 

Oh and let's talk about their fantasy suite.  Out in the open.  I know it had a netting.  But, I think he picked it because out in the  open it's not going to get too triple x rated if you know what I mean.  They were glorified camping.  I kept wondering where the bathroom was.  Then he knew with Ashley it was going to be a night of talking it out.  And it was.  So I think this is another clue.  He doesn't want to disrespect Emily.  AND with that said during the home town dates he didn't full on kiss anyone.  Lots of forehead kisses.  But, he did kiss Emily.  Telling you I think he picks her.  

I think I am going to have to go to church. Light a candle.  And pray to the Sweet Baby Jesus that Brad and Emily get together.  Look when I go to church and light a candle things happen.  Don't mess with my power of prayer people.  I have a good record in this department.  Now if that damn ocean would just finally appear in Denver things would be complete. 

I'm a sucker for a good love story.  Now if they do pick one another so to speak.........Emily.  Call me.  I have great ideas for your wedding.  I see magnolia leaves for garland, dogwood branches in urns and something on a countryside. 


Do you remember this?

No?  you don't?  Well, if you forgot then thank this one for bringing it back last night........

first notice the earrings......hmm GELINA.  Second.....I usually love her.  But, it was like seeing Julia Roberts outfit all over again.  This is Armani.  I think Julia was in Valentino.  I was sad.   The dress was dull. 

Okay does anyone doubt me now when I say that "She Bangs" was totally covering up her botox botch job at the last awards show?  She couldn't even move her cheeks.  The dress lovely by Vera Wang.  Lack of spanx priceless.  The face that showed no expression in case someone brought up how 'different' life is this year compared to last year.  As if anyone really was talking about her kid.  Umm no.  the lack of that jerk Jesse James being on her arm.  She prepared for that flub in interviews by having loads of botox shot into her whole face.  Bravo Sandy.  Bravo. 

This was a hit for me at first.  But, then I saw Anne Hathway in her other eight outfits and I felt like she looked better in a few of those.  This color had too much orange to it.  Who knew she could sing?  I didn't.

She was like a cheerleader on diet pills last night.  Clap clap clap clap.  Woo hoo. Clap clap clap clap. Woohoo.  Oh James.  Oh Sandra.  Oh everyone is so great. Clap clap clap clap.

So they say she was PAID to wear some of the jewelry last night.  What?  Close to a million.  Nice gig if you ask me.  

She should have been paid for constantly having to rub those paddles together backstage to bring James Franco back to life.  What drugs was he on (other than the drug of being James Franco?)  

  Anne Hathaway Oscar dresses
Anne Hathaway Oscar dresses

The blue thing was like a duct tape dress.  How did she move? The tuxedo outfit was cute with the hair.  The shoes to die for.  The singing even better.  James Franco's dress.......well yuck.

And while we are talking about her dress changes can we also talk about her eyelash changes?  In some photos and on stage they were different lengths.  Did anyone else notice that?  I'm sure Brooke Shields was home clapping her hands together with glee.  She was making money some how off that. 

Fang Girl from the Bachelor was there again.  I don't know why.  But, the dress was money.  Gorgeous!  She looked great. 

Jennifer Hudson looked bee uuuu teee fulll.  She looks so good.  She has lost a ton of weight.  I am happy for her heart.  But, now the time has come to quit praising her about the weight loss. Only because there is more to her (like a great voice) and beating Beyonce out for an Oscar.  Hello.  That should be how she is introduced.  "Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson who beat out Beyonce."  Maybe they were not in the same category.  It doesn't matter.

I could have lived without the drastic bangs that were cut like Bobby Browns in his video for "Don't be Cruel."  Make-up and accessories were fabulous. 

I want to say I was impressed how easily she stood and let someone pick up this dress and carry it for her or arrange her without even acknowledging their presence.  Diva.  I myself would have been trying to carry my own dress.  But, not Jennifer.  She is definitely coming into her own.  She doesn't mind people waiting on her hand and foot. 

When I saw Mandy Moore I first thought WHY??????????  Why are you there?  Of course she was performing.  I tuned her out literally when she took the stage.  She needed spanx.  She needed a better dress.  And she needed to remember how she threw her big career away years ago.  It's over.  She is the Katherine Heigl of the music world if you ask me.

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machines had me looking for a machine to roll over her last night.  This looked like a Loretta Lynn at the Opry House.

Nothing says "casting envy" like showing up in a dress that is based on the movie "Black Swan." 

Step away from the botox Julia Ormond.  This dress was heinous on top of it.  Strapless, in need of spanx, and in need of a cruise ship because obviously she was dressed to perform on stage on a Carnival ship last night.

There as a bff to Nicole Miller and wearing Nicole Miller........Daphne Zuniga.  Obviously Nicole Miller took that theory of "secretly hating your best friend' to heart.  She gave her a dress that was torn.  This dress would have been better at a Soap Operal digest Award show.

********WARNING  if you are prone to migraines or seizures do not look any further.************

So this chick Jackie Weaver won for her movie "Animal Kingdom."  This top looks like something you would see that Trojan guy at Ceasar's Palace wearing.  You know the guy that walks around and takes pixs with the tourist in the casino.  Heinous. 

Helena Carter in the glasses and the hair that Johnny Depps character from Edward Scissorhands styled.  Heinous. Do you think that was her stylist behind her in the red?  Oy vey.

Busy Philipps was bff to Michelle Williams for the night.  I think the deal was that she promised to show up and not dress nice.  Show up looking like the stage act for a Trump hotel in Atlantic city and you can have the other ticket for the Oscars. 

Last but not least we have to talk about Penelope.  She did look good.  A bit too much chest action.  I wonder if she is breastfeeding. 

Penelope did look really pretty.  I was impressed.  I personally can't show that much skin.  But, then again I don't look like this either.  I gave birth to a child four months ago.  She only four days ago.  See the difference?

It was a great show.......I thought it was boring.  But, it was great because it moved pretty fast since I had it on dvr.  That's the only way to watch by the way.  And I had wine and champagne.  Again everything is great when on your third glass of champagne.

Just sayin.



Oscars Part III (Purple Rain addition)

"Well........there's always purple." 

Last night I had a scare.  There were a few people claiming that the color purple not only was good on the red carpet but it was their signature color.......*I had to pray at that point to the baby Jesus*  then email them and convince them that their signature color is in fact aubergine.  Say it with me ten times.  If they didn't drink the kool aid of aubergine then I had to cut them out of my inner circle.  *cough*
planningforever.com/blog/ *cough*  Not to name names.

This is more of a magenta......but it still can be classified as purple since I need a few for this post.

Nothing says I am single, trying to blend into the hot pink carpet (that carpet was not red) and trying to make up for this mess a few weeks ago:

More than a short new hair cut..highlights that are meant to look like you didn't care but did....and a full face of botox.  This dress was on my nerves.  It's supposed to be a 'shock' dress.  A little risque.  But, it wasn't.  It was a doily.  I am certain she thought while getting ready "Just wait til Ryan sees me on the carpet tonight.  He'll be sorry."  It didn't work.  Instead if just solidified what he already knew.  She is on her way to a condo full of cats.  I'm sure she already has a cat named Mr. Peepers. 

Natalie Portman won.  Wow. Soooooooo not surprised.  The hair tied to the side was messy.  I didn't like it.  Make-up was fabulous.  The hem on this dress in front was not good.  If it had been long and all once length perfect.  But, with being pregnant I think they did that so she would not trip.  Smart idea actually.  The color was okay.  It was more aubergine than a flat out purple.  The shoes that were dyed to match were so prom.  I couldn't stand it.  I did like that she didn't talk about 'free love' on stage again.  Also, that speech was so rehearsed it made me ill.  Which proves she knew or expected to win.  I would have liked a real pregnant woman horomone speech.  One that called out that mean girl that picked on her in grade school.  The boy that dumped her like an after school special.  She could have at least cried and done the border line ugly cry. 

Mila Kunis I think in some ways has to be a bit ticked she didnt get nominated.  Then to add insult to injury she gets to present at the Oscars on stage with Justin(e) Timberlake.  I'm surprised she even got a chance to speak.  However, she was only allowed to speak when it was helping to bring the spotlight to Justine Timberlake (he's such a diva crying out for attention.) 

This dress was pretty to me.  It looked beautiful when she walked.  Standing still not so much.  The top was hard to understand.  Did they run out of the lace?  Why not take it all the way across.  Instead it looked like two little lace hands holding up her A sized chest. 

Was I the only one that grabbed a pen and a pad of paper when they asked how she lost 20 pounds in a month?  I was ready to take notes. Then she said she dance i.e,. exercised. I instead grabbed my champagne and brie.  Who has the time? 

And the winner .........

Cate Blanchett.
She is totally ready for spring.  How do I know?  She has Easter on her mind.  She was dressing like a panoramic egg......
I heard that if you gave her an m&m to eat at the after party that the drape in front peeled back to show.....well never mind.
When Giuliana on E called that dress a piece of artwork I knew then that she is exactly one of those people I can't be friends with.  She decided on the red carpet with Kelly Osborne to play nice.  They would say "We will have to get back to you" on anything they didn't like.  So instead they are going to slay people on Joan Rivers show.  On the carpet pie nice.  I didn't care for that.  

This was not a piece of art as far as a dress goes.  This was a piece of work.  As in Cate Blanchett left the house thinking she would give a big middle finger to all of us from the red carpet.  She was saying "how ya like me now?"   

I am so glad it was this color on top of it.  It just drives home the point......purple is the last resort.

You down with VPL......Oscars II

VPL = Visible panty line.

If you have ever watched the movie "Steel Magnolias" you know instantly what I am about to quote.  Truvy (Dolly Parton a favorite Southerner due to her pulling herself up from nothing and turning a shack into a theme park stop.)  says to Clairee after watching a rather robust woman dance.........
Truvy: Well, these thighs haven't gone out of the house without lycra on them since I was 14.
Clairee: You were brought up right.

And how.  Look I believe that you should be happy with your body.  I am not saying put on a girdle and make yourself into a different size.  Not going to name names.....just follow my post..........
Oprah Winfrey - Oscars 2011 Presenter
I bet she was about to pass out.  Seriously!  It was like the jaws of life.  Oprah has more money than everyone in that audience last night.  Those earrings she wore were probably not "bag, borrowed, or steal"  Girlfriend should have just worn something that made her comfortable.  I was waiting for her to pass out.  For real.  She can wear whatever she wants.  She owns the world.  Why look like this?

But, I digress.  I am just saying that there are certain things I don't thing you go without on the red carpet. 
Lipstick, accessories, your bff from grade school that is straight, your bff from high school that is gay, a good hair do, panties, and some type of spanx product.  Spanx smooth it out.  They have come a long way.  There is so much you can do now to make a dress look good.  There should not be back fat in this world ladies.  It's time to put an end to the madness.

So this post is dedicated to all those that need an introduction to spanx.  Big and Small.


Annette Bening looked great.  But, I didn't care for the third eye.  Her navel!  I don't want to see that.  Okay and she was only one of like three last night that were so copying that earring I posted about from Gelina.  I love the emeralds and all.  But, I saw three different ones all knock offs from Gelina's look.

Sharon Stone I had thought I would put in the post on "Why were you there again?"  But, instead she gets the slap down spanx down.  That little cut at the waist was not pretty.  For as much work as she has had she should at least buy some of those panties that come up to your boobs and actually supports there as well as flattens all the skin in between.  The hair looked like Cruella Deville.  Just sayin.

Marisa Tomei........
She needed a tailor, spanx and a prayer.  This was a train wreck.  It was so loose on her that I was waiting for it to fall off.  And that would have been an improvement.  I also thought styling the hair to match the angle of the hem of this was a bit too cutesy.  She also gets the "suck in your stomach, stand up straight and put some lipstick on honey" speech.

Dale Dickey and Amy Adams had the same dress on at first glance.  her neckline was better.  She needed a better under garment though.  She won an award so that was exciting.  But, tell me why she was holding a black purse with navy?  she had spanx on.  that is what that waist line is.  But, they should have gone up higher. 

And the winner of the night for me was this tall gangly thing:

First of all I know she worships at the Temple of Tracy Anderson (TnA).  I too think that TnA is awesome.  But, I can't seem to find four hours in my day to do the weights, cardio, mat and then dance routine and bands that TnA preaches.  I wish I had the time.  I'm sure I too would be thin as a rail.  But, just because you are thin as a rail and can fit into a metal baggie that resembles what the astronauts use for re-entry to earth doesn't mean you go without underwear.  Sorry.

My husband said it looked like she was in the movie Tron.  He was proud of himself for that comment.  He actually told me "to feel free to quote him on my blog."   Meanwhile I turned to an HD channel when Gweny was on with Timm Gunn and lawd I thought I was at the Grand Canyon.  There were so many lines I didn't know what I was seeing.  What was up with the too cute earrings matching the broach at the hips? 

And why do we have to see her sing on top of it all?  I am going to tell you right now......that girl never would have made it on the pageant circuit.  When she sang (into a microphone that looked like something from a game show in the 70's.....I half expected to see an antenna on the end of it...or it also looked like a special toy if you know what I mean that you would buy at one of those tacky stores on the highway of 301 if you are in NC with an attached 'massage' place.)

Anyway, when doing pageants if you are a singer the first thing they teach you is how to sing into a microphone so that everyone doesn't hear you taking a breath.  She wouldn't have made it to preliminaries at the Miss Fuquay Varina pageant.  She probably would have won for "Most Spirit" at the Holiday Inn Express near the airport when they hosted the "Miss Charming Universal National State Royalty Pageant."  Definitely not the talent portion though.  And possibly she would have won best costume with this get up. 

Okay and let me just say that if anyone thinks her marriage to Coldplay is not over or close is on the same drug that Charlie Sheen is on (which apparently is himself!)  When asked her favorite singer I was not surprised to hear her say Jay z.  I mean she is nothing if she is not  "gangsta".  She finds him to be genius.  Oh lawd.  She is up in the grill of Beyonce and Jay Z when she is not kicking back with Faith Hill on the countryside.  My fave was when Mr. Gunn asked her what her husband would think hearing he wasn't her fave.  She responded he would be happy or agree.  In the words of Sarah Palin....Youbetcha on that one.  You know good and well he is more than happy that his no talent singing wife is not saying she admires his singing.  He is horrified everytime she takes the stage.  But, in that way of watching a fire burn down a K-mart. 

She is one of those girls that we all knew in high school.  She comes off being all positive.....but behind closed doors she is sitting at home writing in her diary coming up with ideas on how to win over the most popular people from each group (athletes, chorus, debate club, home ec, the outcasts, etc.) She is going to be best friends with everyone because that way she is sure to win homecoming queen.  If you are friends with everyone and saying pie nice things about them constantly then it helps to fool everyone that you too belong in their group.  Am I the only one that sees what this woman is capable of?  

She becomes whoever she is hanging out with.  I admire that.  To a point.  But, I don't like that it's earning her singing and dance time on all major award shows.  It's ruining my life.  Does anyone hear my pleas? 

She is trying really hard to be a 'triple threat.'  Lump her in with JLo, Mariah, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake.......all those divas that are crying out for attention.   

But, I am glad that the sweet baby Jesus helped out last night.  Beyonce was not there.  Woot!

Part III Purple......need I say more.


Oscars 2011

Well, I was glued to the television yesterday watching the carpet arrivals.  I was not expecting so many great surprises.  Like seeing a sea of purple.  Oh it was just a dream come true!  NOT.  But, I was really not ready for this surprise last night

Don't you miss the days when you would see Nicole Kidman's forehead move?  I know I do.  But, I think that is the only way she could take the red carpet with a straight face last night in this Dior dress.  It looked like a napkin.  Then to top it off with orange glow shoes?  Have mercy.  The hair was like an after thought as well.  
What bothered me the most was that I just know that Katie Holmes was sitting at home laughing out loud.  And not just because of the meds.  She saw Nicole and automatically felt better about her dwindling acting career.  it just broke my heart that Nicole gave her that pleasure last night.

Last night it was like there was one dress that everyone wore just a tad different

Halle Berry in Marchesa.

 Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa

Hmmmm Coincidence?  I think not.  I didn't even know this was by the same designer until this morning.  but, the minute I saw Halle Berry take the red carpet I thought to myself that she was trying to recapture her youth (that she clearly has bought from some guy on the open market in Guam) by copying the youngest starlet to hit the carpet since Dakota Faning.

And do we need to talk about the first names being so much a like too?  I think Hailee wins with this dress.  Halle looked beautiful but unfortunately having the same dress as a young teen didn't work out.  If she had worn that dress at another award ceremony it wouldn't even be up for discussion. 

Michelle William won for wearing Chanel.  But she is a freakazoid in an interview.  Did you see her talking to Ryan Seacrest on the E red carpet show?  I had to shush my husband when he came in to refill my champagne.  I swear she is pulling a Madonna with a fake accent.  It was insanity.  And she barely could answer a question.  
Again, it broke my heart.  She had Katie Holmes (Joey) in tears up until that point.  She looked stunning in this dress.  the hair is fabulous.  Perfect jewelry.  But, the fact that she couldn't even answer a question like "are you happy to be here tonight" was all Katie Holmes needed to feel redeemed.  Damn you Michelle Williams.  Get it together!

You know I thought it was really a great idea that Amy Adams took her role in "The Fighter" so far.  Wearing a dress that clearly made her look like a ring girl at an actual fight.  The jewelry was gross.  Cartier my ass.  Her stylist should be ashamed. 

Celine Dion in Armani.  She was really pretty.  I think her dress was lovely.  She just gave birth to twins.  Whatever.  Everyone kept going on and on about this.  Look let me tell you something.  When you build a house that is a water park and have billions of dollars stuffed in your mattress you better look like this MONTHS after giving birth.  In fact there was actually room for improvement.  In Hollywood this was a failure.  She clearly had time for major surgery since October.  What has she been doing with herself?

Helen Mirren is such a beautiful woman.  I love this color on her.  I think the Vivienne Westwood gown is gorgeous.  But, I am telling you she has to stop with this look now.  She has done this dress for the last five years.  It's time to break out something new.  She looked so beautiful last night.  Everything was perfect.  I just want to see something new.  And not a face by Dr. Botox.

Melissa Leo won best supporting actress like I thought she would.  I am torn by this dress.  In some ways I like she was not a traditional gal.  In other ways I think what in the world was she on when she decided that a doily was the way to go? And could she have put some lipstick on?  In the south mothers across the Mason Dixon line can be heard saying "put some color on your lips and stand up straight" to teenage daughters.  I know I was thinking that when I saw Melissa Leo last night.  But, then I thought...brush your hair.  get it out of that ponytail pull thru.......you know the one...
2 Pcs Hair Braid <em>Ponytail</em> Styling Tool
and wash your mouth out with soap for cussing on the stage of the Kodak theater.  I had to clutch my pearls when she did that.  I about had the vapors.  It was so unlady like. 

Hillary Swank is a reminder to us all of what it means when you win an Oscar.  It gives you an invitation to the Oscar for the rest of our lives your life.  When she arrived they only showed her on E from the waist up.  So my thought was "oh she is going for the demure look of a Price Is Right model.  Then I turned to ABC and saw the whole dress. I liked it at first.  Then I didn't.  Then I did.  I think the dress by Gucci is fabulous and a repeat of what we always see.  Instead of "there is always purple" this is going to be my "there is always the shredded document dress look".  I think Hillary Swank in it is a lost cause.  And the hair and make-up didn't do jack.  

Part II coming up.  We will be doing some new categories this year.  VPL (why you do need spanx even if you have starved yourself to a size O)

Countdown to Oscar night!

I am so excited for the Oscars this year.  I am hopeful that one of our favorites will walk the red carpet and send me straight to the freezer for a pint of Godiva ice cream only a few weeks after giving birth none the less:

Of course I have already heard that Justin Timberlake is going to present.  Clearly his way of ruining a perfect evening for me.  I know I should cut him a break.  But, why doesn't he just make a new dance cd and try to out do Usher like he use to.  Why does he instead spend his time 'acting' in movies.  I'm sure we can count on Justin to take the stage and make it all about himself like he usually does.

I am hopeful but realistic in knowing that "Kings Speech" will win the Oscar this year for Best Picture.  I wish that 127 hours would or that "The Fighter" would.  But, let's face it we are a country that likes to give awards out for any movie based on a royal family.  Madonna should have picked up on this years ago.  With that phony accent of hers she could have easily taken an Oscar home by now.  She just needed someone willing to cast her in the part of a 'royal.' 

Here are my predictions.  Aside from predicting that Beyonce will some how show up and ruin the night for me...
fingers crossed......JLo doesn't present since she seems to be everywhere.  I wish you people would remember every time you watch an American Idol an angel doesn't get it's wings you are sending a vibe into the universe saying that you want more JLo all the time.  I know your arguement is that you love Steven Tyler.  Blah blah.  I don't want to hear it.  You are the ones to blame for JLo all the time.  You just think about that. 

What I predict is that everyone will win that I am kind of over now.  There are a lot of great nominees that I think should be recognized. 

Kings Speech wins Best Picture    Who I wish would really win. Toss up between The Fighter and 127 Hours.  I mean come on James Franco did the entire movie on his own for the most part.  It's moving...tells a true story...(guess they all do) and looks like it was difficult to film.

Natalie Portman wins Best Actress  Who I wish would really win.  Well, obviously I want Nicole Kidman to win if for no other reason because Katie Holmes scream will be heard around the world. 

Colin Firth wins Best Actor  Who I wish would really win.  I think James Franco. 

Christian Bale wins Supporting Actor.  And he should!  Agreed!

Melissa Leo wins Supporting Actress  and she should or it could go to Amy Adams.  I think either way it's a great choice and deserving.

The rest of the show I can pick and have by going to the Oscar home page.  But, I don't really feel up to typing it out.  We'll see what happens on Sunday.  We are having a little Oscar party.  And of course how fitting since it is champagne Sunday at my house.  As you all know we drink champagne every Sunday.  Why?  Because we survived another week and we are excited about our week ahead.  Just because is also a reason too.  I love champagne.  Not Korbel either unless mixed with juice.  Lawd.  But, champagne Sundays are best celebrated on the deck on Sunday.  I think it's going to be too cold this weekend for the deck.  Soon though.  Very soon. 

I hope you all enjoy the Oscars.  I know I am counting it down.  2 days 7 hours....

My favorite blog right now.

I follow WAY TOO MANY blogs.  But, I follow this one daily.  I love it.  I stumbled upon it a few years ago I think. 


So things to know about this blog. 

She has a great sense of style.  She has literally transformed $1 items into $1000 items. 
She use to own a house.......but now rents.  And luckily for us and the people she rents from she has made a rental to die for. 
She loves to thrift.  Which is odd for me to even follow along with obviously because y'all know I am not into thrifting.  I especially don't like items from thrifting if clorox can't be used on them. 

But, I have gotten a lot of ideas for design elements in weddings and events.  Oh and she is a great entertainer.  I love one post where she showed that she had half a drape hanging.  Paint not complete on the walls.  But, still invited everyone in.  Because she too like me suffers if the house is not perfect.......you can't let people in.  Although as everyone that graces my home knows I have a hole in the floor of the fireplace that needs to be replaced, redone, etc.,.  Only going on year 8 of it not being complete.  I figure if I make it to ten then we'll worry.

I am probably the only one that follwed this blog that did not run out and shop.  I like clean space and less stuff.  I think it's because for years I have had inventory of vases, candles, paper, linens, etc.,. for my clients.  Now that I have reached the point where I on the wedding day just show up with one bag I don't like having this stuff any longer.  When you start out in this business I think you just know you need a uhaul for the wedding day.  But, as you grow your business like I have I now don't have to haul urns, linens, etc., any longer.  I just show up with very little now which is really exciting.  I get to focus on decor more though.  Which is so odd considering it use to be that I didn't get to do the decor as much.  Now I do it all! 

Anyway, I love this blog.  I hope you do too.  Beware though.  you will spend hours on it!  And she is a pretty big deal in blogger land.  It's funny now you'll see that everyone you follow probably already follows her.


So have you seen the new line of wedding gowns, dresses, accessories from Anthropolgie?  BHLDN

It's to die for.  My husband cracks me up though.  I was on line checking out one of the dresses that personally I would wear as the rehearsal dinner dress.  Because you know my theory is that you as the bride should out dress everyone at the rehearsal dinner and wear a dress that is some what like the wedding dress that you didn't get.  Remember......never again do you get to wear big dresses that are over the top without people thinking you need to be committed to an institution.

Anyway, my husband says "So is the trend now to look like a hippy?"  Which I find kind of interesting.  Yes, I think that the styles are romantic and very vintage. But, sometimes vintage can take a turn to look dirty.  Instead of a bride looking like her perfect self on her wedding day she looks like she should be in a field dancing barefoot to Widespread Panic (by the way I wish girls could see themselves sometimes dancing to that band.  It's comical and embaressing all at the same time.) 

I love this dress.  I would wear it like I said for a rehearsal dinner dress.  I also think it would be perfect for a bride that has been married before.  Maybe is a bride getting married after having a baby.  Or for the bride that has the morning wedding.  The price is hefty though.  $2600.00  That is more than I think a lot of brides have to spend for a second dress. 

The tea dress is a bit nicer to the wallet.  $600.00  Again more than some brides look to spend on a dress.  But, I do think there is a market to sell it on Ebay when you are done.

Their shoes are gorgeous.  The accessories are amazing. 
What I am thrilled over the most..........cover ups.  Oh why oh why has it taken so long for a retailer to make these in a wide variety? 

My friend Tara had a cover up.  I think she made it herself.  Anyway, she spent a ton on the fabric if I remember correctly.  In 2002 there was not a lot of choices for brides to pick from.  If you were getting married in a church and had a strapless dress a lot of times brides were looking for something just for the ceremony to wear. 

I have noticed with a lot of my Jewish weddings that the brides pick a coverup for the ceremony.  Then they discard for the party.  I love the two looks.  Sometimes they even have their hairdressers come back and do a new style for the reception.  I love that.  It's like a wardrobe change at the Oscars. 

A coverup is not for everyone.  But, I have to say buying one from BHLDN is a lot cheaper than having one made.  The fabrics are some of the highest quality you can find.  I am sure a few of them would cost $100 or more a yard.  So you could not have one made for less that is for certain.

It's exciting that there is a whole new store to choose from for brides.  Especially with such unique designs. 



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